Saturday, September 28, 2013

Join Pink Zebra Home - 10,000th consultant gets a additional Bonus!

Pink Zebra Home Direct Sales Growth

Woo hoo! Here we grow again!! Pink Zebra IS the hottest home fragrance company in direct sales! Be a part of a rapidly growing, successful business. Pink Zebra. This month we are on track to hit 10,000 consultants in just over 2 years. This is PHENOMENAL growth!

Pink Zebra Home Growth Chart

Just look at where we are? Join us. This month to celebrate our milestone, we are giving the 10,000 person to sign with us 100 extra Pink Dollars! Pink Dollars are like cash and can be used on anything we sell at Pink Zebra! These extra Pink Zebra Pink Dollars are on top of the already generous Quick Start program the Pink Zebra offers!

As your sponsor, I also have another program I offer to all my personally sponsored team members.
So what are you waiting for? The kits are on SALE this month too! Plus you get my bonus!! of $25 cash back. It is a no brainer!! Sign up to become a Pink Zebra consultant at:  on the top right you should see my name Karen, if you do not see my name as your referrer, enter in my Pink Zebra Consultant ID # 50250.

Looking forward to growing with YOU!!!

PZ out
Pink Zebra Home Director

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Join a Winning Pink Zebra Team – Top Pink Zebra Performer

Pink Zebra Director #1 Nationwide for Top Qualified Sponsors
Pink Zebra Director #1 Nationwide for Top Qualified Sponsors

When it comes to direct sales it is very important to do your homework and research not only the company you are partnering with but also your sponsor (the person who brings you into the business). Too many times I have heard from consultants who have not received any help from their sponsor past their original sign up, with that it is a good idea to seek out a sponsor or mentor that you know has a proven track record. It is easy to see who these people are. They are the people who walk the walk! I can tell you from 10+ years of direct sales experience that it is crucial to join the right team. I work very hard on my Pink Zebra business. This is not just a hobby for me but a career. I also want anyone who signs up with me as their sponsor to know that I am there for them as well. Your success is my success.

In fact, here is a picture of me with Pink Zebra owners, Tom and Kelly Gaines at our Family Reunion in Aug 2013 receiving one of my two awards for 2nd Highest Level 1 Promotions, that means the people on my team promote! I want to also note that the person who won that top award in that same category was one of my very own personally sponsored team members! There is nothing sweeter to me than to see my team get recognized!


There were 5 award categories that night. I am proud to say that I won first and second place in 2 out of the 5 award categories given that night.
I was honored with one of the first 5 Paisley awards ever given out by the company, for #1 in Top Qualified Sponsors Nationwide. There were 8800 consultants at that time.

I have also through my Pink Zebra career been honored to receive my Pink Zebra Directors Tiara. Currently there are only 4 other Directors in the entire company.  I had the honor of receiving my custom designed Pink Zebra boots, and have also been flown into the home office to have dinner with Pink Zebras owners. I have won incentive trip/ipad promotions and am currently on a mission to win our new incentive for a trip to the Dominican Republic.


My team of over 2700 Pink Zebra consultants is also consistently in the Top 5 for Team Wholesale Volume.

I joined Pink Zebra in Dec 7th of 2011 just 90 days after its doors opened and have experience with the company as well as prior direct sales experience, so you can rest assured if you have any questions at all about Pink Zebra or running your Pink Zebra business. I can help you. I have a toll free number for my team members to call on as well as team Facebook group for support. We offer team training calls and I offer great monthly team incentives!

So what are you waiting for? If you would like to call me to see if we are a fit please feel free to do so. I can be reached at 877-466-8449 or if you have read enough and are ready to sign up for Pink Zebra now and become a Pink Zebra consultant on my team go here:

Karen Director Pink Zebra Home
Pink Zebra Consultant ID # 50250

Monday, September 9, 2013

Pink Zebra Candle Bar Cartons Scents

Pink Zebra Sprinkles -
Make Glimmer Candles For Your Wedding Favors
Guests will have lots of fun and a great gift to remember your special day.
There are 30 scents available in cartons for use in your Wedding Candle Bar.
Click here to view how to make your own
Pink Zebra Glimmer Candle

Friday, September 6, 2013

4 Weddings Candle Bar - Make Your Own Candle /Candle Bar Station

As Seen On TLC's 4 Weddings...

TLC's 4 Weddings Candle Station Episode

Want something different for your wedding favors? Something that your guests will actually use? How about a Pink Zebra Glimmer Candle? Glimmer Candles make great wedding favors, and party favors!

Your guests can have lots of fun creating their very own unique candle. They can mix and match the scent they want. Host a Pink Zebra Candle bar or station at your wedding.  If you are limited with space you can still use our sprinkles as wedding favors. You and the groom and mix up your own special "wedding themed" scent and have the candles pre made at their table... Lots of different options to choose from. If you need ideas feel free to call me at 877-466-8449.

We have over 30 different carton sprinkles scents to choose from. Buying cartons for your candle bar or station is the most economical way to go. I also recommend these glimmer kit glasses for your guests as they are the most economical. We do have others to choose from. Just visit my website for more information.

To order click here  choose products and sprinkles

To learn more about our soy sprinkles click here:

These are the supplies you will need to create your own candle station for your wedding:

Cartons of Sprinkles. This is the most economical way to order our soy sprinkles, by the carton. The cost for a carton is $25 and you will get about 8 or 9 candles from it depending on the glassware you choose. We have 30 different carton sprinkle scents. You can mix and match these scents to create your own favorite recipe.

Order Carton of Sprinkles

Glimmer Candle Glassware: I recommend the following Glimmer candle kits as they are the most economical. Please also note that all of our glassware is laboratory tested for safety. We highly recommend using only our glassware for your glimmer candles. Wicks are including with glimmer glassware.

Order Glimmer Glassware Kits

Glimmer Candle Kit Princess Petite -6pk (2 1/2"d x 2 3/4" h)
$ 9.00

Shabby Chic Petite Candle Kit-6pk
$ 9.00

Monday, September 2, 2013

Join Pink Zebra Home For Just $54*! 877-466-8449

$79.20 - My Sign on Bonus $25.20 = $54.00

Join a AWARD WINNING team!
This is the best deal on the internet.
Find a better deal? I will match it.

Kits are now on sale. You choose which kit you want.
The starter kit after my cash back is only $54!
You are in business for yourself but not by yourself.
I can help you with your Pink Zebra goals.
Your success is my success!
Check out my blog to learn more about me and Pink Zebra.
If you would like to call me please do!

You can reach me at 877-466-8449.
If you are ready NOW to sign up.
Just visit my website at
 and make sure you see my name at the top right!
If not use my ID #50250 as your referrer!
Looking forward to working with you!!
Director, Pink Zebra Home