Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Pink Zebra Holiday Kit Sale - Join Pink Zebra for $39

pink zebra kit
Join Pink Zebra for $39!

The Zebra Diva is celebrating the season
with a huge rebate on Pink Zebra enrollment kits!

Choose either the Pink Zebra Starter Kit priced at $99 or our Deluxe Business Kit priced at $199. Its EZPZ. 
Here is how it works:

Choose the kit you would like to purchase.

Pay the price listed either $99 and $199.

After you have successfully signed up to be a Pink Zebra Consultant. I will receive notification via email that you have enrolled.

Once I receive confirmation, I will paypal you $60 back! 

Making the starter kit just $39!

Have questions? Just give me a call at 877-466-8449. 
I would love to have you on my award winning team!

Change Your Fragrance, Change Your Life!

Monday, November 30, 2015

Pink Zebra Cyber Monday Sale! Join Pink Zebra for $29

Join Pink Zebra Today Only $29 Hurry Limited Offer

Yes you read it right!!! Deep Discount today Cyber Monday on Pink Zebra enrollment kits!
Get the business starter kit for $29 and
the Deluxe Kit for just $129*

Pricing reflects a $70 paypal rebate

How does this deal work? Simply go to my website at and sign up at full price. Choose either Pink Zebra Business Kit. The sale is on either kit! After you have signed up I will receive and email notification confirming your enrollment. I will then paypal you back the $70. Please message me at or call me at 877-466-8449 and give me your paypal email address to send the $70 too.

Buy yourself a business this Christmas!!!
$29 is an incredible deal to become a Pink Zebra Consultant.

I offer mentorship, and training so you can reach your goals.
Whether they be part time or full time I can help you succeed!

So hurry! Limited offer!
Sign up Now for your $29 Pink Zebra Starter Kit!!

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Pink Zebra Kit Deal - $25 To Join in October

Join Pink Zebra For The Best Deal - Pink Zebra Kit Discount

That's right! It's October Opportunity Month!  Just $25 gets your own direct sales business with Pink Zebra Home Fragrance. Everyone loves candles and home fragrance, especially in the fall! Now is the best time to join Pink Zebra. This is our busiest selling season. Get started today and start earning what you deserve. Let me help you achieve your goals, whether you want to just get out the house, or make big money to pay off those monthly bills or perhaps you are searching for a job with health insurance, Pink Zebra offers all of that and more. I can help mentor you and coach you to success. I have been blessed with a wonderful team of Pink Zebra consultants, from all walks of life from across the United States. I would love to work with you and make you part of our successful team. We are like one big family. Join us. To view the kits and to join simply go to  

My kit offer of $25 is a rebate offer. You will need to pay the upfront cost of the kit and I can then rebate you $50! Thats a win win!!

Hope to hear from you soon.

Executive Director 
Pink Zebra Home

Monday, October 5, 2015

Introducing Pink Zebra's Newest Product - Lotion that You Can Fragrance Yourself!

Pink Zebra's Just Add Soaks - Create Your Own Lotion Scents - Available late October 2015

Exciting news! Pink Zebra has done it again! In keeping with our philoshy to make everything truly uniquely yours - Just Add Soaks Lotions. It's EZPZ.

To create your your lotion scent simply add a few squirts of your favorite Soaks fragrances to our hydrating lotion, shake well and voilĂ  you have a personalized scent that is uniquely yours! Coming Soon to your Independent Consultant. 

Our lotion is made from only the finest ingredients. Try some today. Visit and 

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Join Pink Zebra in September for $34 Plus Zebra Handbag Offer

pink zebra kit
Pink Zebra Standard Enrollment Kit - Reg $99 a $249 value

You saw that right! Join Pink Zebra in September for $34
(after my $50 rebate). 

Pink Zebra has reduced the price of their Starter Enrollment kit to just $84. That means after my $50 rebate you pay just $34. The standard business kit has all you need to get started and is also the kit I started with.

What comes with the Standard Pink Zebra enrollment kit?

Your Standard Enrollment Kit contains the following: Core Fragrance Samplers, 1 Simmering Lights Base with Liner, 1 Simmering Lights Shade, 1 3.75 oz. Soaks, 1pk - Just Add Soaks Go Cards, 1 Just Add Soaks - Naked Reeds, 2 3.75 oz. Jars of Sprinkles, 1 Petite Glimmer Candle Kit,  1 25pk of Order Forms, 1 10pk Quick Start Brochures, 1 10pk Opportunity Brochures, 1 50pk Party Invitations, 1 New Consultant Guide and 1-25 pack of Catalogs 

Plus Zebra Handbag Offer

As an added bonus this month I am also offering a Pink Zebra Handbag to one lucky winner. To qualify for that raffle you must sign up to become a pink zebra consultant thru my special link All entrants will be put in a list randomizer to determine the winner!

Questions? Please call me at 877-466-8449 or email

Looking forward to working with you!


Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Pink Zebra 2015 Reunion - What a GREAT time!

Pink Zebra Reunion
Pink Zebra 2015 Reunion San Antonio Texas

Pink Zebra Did it Again! What an Amazing Time at The Pink Zebra Annual Reunion in San Antonio Texas!

San Antonio - The perfect place to host and our family reunion. We call it a family reunion because that truly is what it feels like - family. It was so nice to get together with fellow zebras at this national event. We shared lots of laughs and learned from all the informative workshops that were presented by fellow leaders. Guest Speaker Mary Christensen and direct sales diva, also trained us on how to work our direct sales businesses successfully. 

pink zebra
My Husband and friend and
fellow consultant at Knibbe Ranch
There was lots of time for fun as well. The leaders retreat was held at Knibbe Ranch, an actual working ranch. We got a chance to let our hair down, 2 step, ride the long horns, dual, and had the best Texas barbeque in town! The company also held a Country Fair for all consultants and their family, complete with a dunk tank, bounce house, games, and an armadillo.  

Their annual awards night also was a special time as the companies best of the best were honored. I had the honor to receive 3 Paisley Awards which is the companies #1 award. The Pink Zebra Paisley Awards I received were:

pink zebra leader
Pink Zebra Success - Paisley Awards

#1 Top Qualified Sponsors
#1 Top Group Volume 3 Levels
# Top Level 1 Promotions.

My Pink Zebra awards are truly a testament to the incredible team I have the pleasure of working with! Many other team members earned top spots as well. It was an exciting night. This is the 3rd Year running that I have earned #1 spots in the company.

Pink Zebra also launched its new Fall/Winter line at this event. Lots of new products, Soaks, Go - Cards, Woolies, and many new pink zebra sprinkles scents and new shades, for our beautiful simmering lights. To view the entire Fall/Winter 2015 catalog go to
Pink Zebra New Rustic Lodge Home Decor

 If you would like more information about joining my team or would like to purchase Pink Zebra products please give me a call at 877-466-8449 . To join my team visit To shop visit

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Join Pink Zebra For $24 in July!

Join Pink Zebra
Join Pink Zebra Just $24 After Rebate! Plus $25 FREE

Pink Zebra has done it again. It's like Christmas in July! Enrollment kits are on sale. If you have been thinking about joining Pink Zebra now is the time. The price is right at $24 for the starter kit plus you $25 in free products, that makes your Pink Zebra kit FREE!! If you want the deluxe enrollment kit as pictured will be just $124 after rebate.  to view the kit contents. 

Join a #1 team! We have a proven track record for success. I can help you reach the top as I did. What can the extra income you get from selling Pink Zebra sprinkles and products get you? Financial freedom, ability to pay off those credit card bills, pay off a car loan, help with college tuition, start putting away money for that dream vacation or better yet earn it free from pink zebra, The sky is the limit.There is so much that Pink Zebra can do for you. Click on my link to get started on your own Pink Zebra Home Fragrance career. You will not be in business by yourself you will have me as your Pink Zebra sponsor and a team of others there for you to help you guide the way!

Excited to have you join us!!!


Monday, July 6, 2015

Pink Zebra Home Business - A Family Affair

My Daughter and I having fun at the Founders Day Fair 
One of the things I like most about my Pink Zebra business, (and there are many!) is that it is so family friendly. My daughters and I love to do events together. I think it is great to teach our kids the value of owning your own business. Letting your children see you in action and to see share in your success is the best education they can get, Knowing that they can be successful and work for themselves teaches them true independence. They learn the value of money, how to talk to customers and how to sell not only the product but the brand. My whole family is involved with Pink Zebra. My husband Allan is also an Executive Manager with the company. We set up at events together and attend corporate events together. Working together as a family is extremely rewarding.
 Pink Zebra sprinkles are such a fun product. Everyone loves to work with them. Both kids and adults love to create their own unique fragrances by mixing and matching different scents. The sprinkles make is so each to create your own custom fragrances. Our simmering light shades and liners also give our customers a chance to create their own custom decor. Each combination of shades and liners can create a different mood to decorate your home. Pink Zebras product line is truly unique and allows our customers the chance to showcase that. After all no one zebra stripes are the same! The company truly stands by this concept and allows us to show our own individuality.
If you would like to join a family friendly company give me a call or visit my website at It starts with a small $99 investment and the business can be yours!
Questions? You can reach me at 877-466-8449

Friday, June 5, 2015

Top Ten Reason To Join My Pink Zebra Team

Top 10 Reasons to Join & Sell Pink Zebra in 2015 

pink zebra
Join Pink Zebra And Add Your Own Reasons

Join Pink Zebra for $39 become a Pink Zebra Consultant
Executive Director- Karen Cavagnuolo Esposito

 1) Anyone can do it! There are no educational or professional experience required  to sell Pink Zebra. A Pink Zebra Business is perfect for anyone including students,college graduates, stay-at-home parents and those with little or no workhistory. The only qualification that you need is motivation!

 2) You'll make lots of new friends! Starting a Pink Zebra Business will require you to meet and socialize with people. You'll meet other men and women from all over the US.  I've made lifelong friends thanks to my Pink Zebra Business that I never would have met without it.

 3) A Pink Zebra Business is extremely flexible which is why it's so appealing! You can choose how often or little you work depending on your personal business goals. You can choose to market your business online orthrough parties or a combination of both. The point is you are in control!

 4) It's just plain, FUN! Pink Zebra Products are so much funto sell! Scents evoke memories and create a fun environment to work in. Besides, every time we go to's a party!

 5) There is a lot of money to be made! In 2012, the direct selling industry sold around $31 billion dollars worth of products   Your earnings will reflect the amount of time that you spend working your business. Part time work with full time pay. Have financial freedom.

 6) Unlike starting other small businesses- it doesn't takemuch to start a Pink Zebra Business! The Pink Zebra Starter Kit is only $99plus your local tax and shipping. The Pink Zebra Kit contains over $240 worth of products and business supplies. You'll earn back the cost of your kit once you sell your first $500 in products which can be just one party!

 7) Pink Zebra home products are consumable! If you are going to join any direct sales company you want a product that your customers will keeping back for. Repeat customers are a must and with Pink Zebra you will have plenty.

 8) Pink Zebra is family-friendly! Your kids can help package orders and attend events with you. Plus, they'll love picking out theirown warmers and creating their own scents with our soy sprinkles. 

9) Pink Zebra gives you FREE products,prizes and more! As an Independent Pink Zebra Consultant you can host your own Pink Zebra Parties and earn free products. Our party hosts also earn free products. You'll also have the opportunity to earn free prizes and trips! Yes, trips! You could earn free trips to places like Punta Cana, Jamaica as I have.

 10) Me as your sponsor! I started with Pink Zebra shortly after they opened their doors for business so I have much experience to share with you. I also have over 15 years of direct sales experience and am the most awarded Pink Zebra Consultant to date so you can rest assured that I'll be the best sponsor I can be for you. If you join my Pink Zebra team, I'll be here to guide, mentor and praise you! I will help you start your business and take you to the top as I have. Ready to join? go to and sign up!

Ask me about my kit special 877-466-8449 
Consultant ID #50250 

pink zebra 

Join Pink Zebra for $39 become a Pink Zebra Consultant

Monday, May 18, 2015

Top Ranking Leader in Pink Zebra

Excited to announce that I promoted to Executive Director with Pink Zebra the highest ranking title to date. Only 2 other people hold this title out of our 25,000 consultants. I couldn't have made it here without my awesome team! They are truly the best. If you've been thinking of joining now is the time! Let me teach you how to get to the top too! Join Pink zebra and work with me as your mentor and sponsor. Questions give me a call toll free at 877-466-8449 

Ready to sign up to become a Pink Zebra consultant now? go to and choose your enrollment kit. I am offering $50 off either kit!! 

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Pink Zebra Soaks Arriving Soon!

Be the first to see Pink Zebra's Brand New Product Category


pink zebra soaks
Exciting New Product Line - Pink Zebra Soaks

I am super excited to be presenting our new category line at the upcoming Pink Zebra Rally! 
April 11th will be the day that we reveal what our new product will be. Can you guess what it will be? Just add soaks....... Plug Free and Fragrance Free

This will be a whole new product category for Pink Zebra. So if you are thinking about becoming a Pink Zebra consultant, now is the time to join us. This new product is going to be a huge hit. Everyone will be wanting them and they are only available from Pink Zebra. Get started with your Pink Zebra career now. 

Want more information about Pink Zebra. Message me at or call

And get ready to SOAK it all up!!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Our Pink Zebra Team Now 6000 Zebras Strong!

Pink Zebra Consultant Team
Karen Esposito's Pink Zebra Team - 6000 Team Members Strong

So excited to announce that my amazing Pink Zebra Team, hit a milestone over the weekend. Our team has grown so much during my 3+ years with the company. It has been a wonderful ride. I can remember when I first signed up to be a Pink Zebra consultant there were only 100 zebras and now the company has exploded to over 20,000 zebras nationwide. The company still has lots of ground to cover though with many areas in the US not familiar with our great home fragrance products. There is much room for growth making Pink Zebra a great business opportunity.

Pink Zebra consultants come from all walks of life. We have people who work their business part time, those that work it full time like me, and those who are hobbyists. Teachers, nurses, stay at home moms and dads all enjoy the benefits of being a Pink Zebra consultant. Our generous career plan makes it possible to stay at home and work your business and quit that day job.

If you would like more information about becoming a Pink Zebra consultant and joining my amazing, successful Pink Zebra team, call me at 877-466-8449. If you've read enough and want to join Pink Zebra now just go to and choose which pink zebra business enrollment kit you would like. Its that easy! Once you sign up I will be notified that you have joined my team. Can't find me? - use my pink zebra consultant ID 50250

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Pink Zebra Product Contest- Help Me Choose the Winner

Simmering Lights Shade Contest
Pink Zebra Simmering Lights Shade Team Contest

Pink Zebra Product Selfie Contest - 
by Pink Zebra Home Candles & Sprinkles - Independent Consultant- Karen 877-466-8449.

I love to do contests with my Pink Zebra team! This months contest was called the Product Selfie photo contest. The team had to take a photo that included them plus a new product simmering lights shade. The most creative entry wins. I had lots of great entries and had the tough choice of narrowing it down to these six finalist shown. Please go to my Facebook Pink Zebra business page, link is shown above to vote for your favorite Pink Zebra product selfie.

Thanks so much for participating! If you would like more information on our Pink Zebra products feel free to shop online at   - 877-466-8449

Monday, March 2, 2015

Join Pink Zebra in March for a Chance to Win Your Kit Free*

Join Pink Zebra

Pink Zebra March Sign On Special from

Do You Have The
Luck of the Irish? 

Why not try your luck this month
March Pink Zebra Sign on offer 
- exclusively through!

Yes I want to sign up to become a
Pink Zebra Consultant how does it work?

*One lucky Pink Zebra Consultant will get their $99 kit FREE - you read that right! Simply go to and sign up to become a Pink Zebra consultant now through March 17th. Choose either kit option. The starter kit is just $99 and the Deluxe enrollment kit $199 before taxes and shipping. All consultants who signed up to become a consultant via during the contest period through my exclusive deal will be entered into a drawing. You have great odds in winning. For example: if 10 consultants sign up you have a 1 in 10 chance of earning $99 towards
your kit cost that makes the starter kit  FREE. Offer can not be combined with any other kit special. One offer per consultant.

Join Pink Zebra for FREE - What are you waiting for join Pink Zebra Today and get all the benefits of becoming a consultant. Flexible schedule, great pay, trip and prize incentives, insurance benefits and more!
Join Pink Zebra for Free
Join Pink Zebra in March for a Chance to Win Your Kit Free

Questions: Call me at 877-466-8449

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Pink Zebra kit special $49 in Feb

This Valentine’s DayGive Yourself a Treat!

Join Pink Zebra

Take $50 off the cost of the $99 NEW enrollment kits

As a 3 time incentive earner – the gifts just keep coming! I’ve won an Ipad, a trip for 2 to Punta Cana and now a Jamaican vacation! Dreams really do come true! Let me give you a gift for joining my team. $50 off your enrollment kit. You can choose the $99 starter kit or the $199 deluxe kit. The choice is yours. To view the kits simply go to . There are two enrollment kits to choose from. My offer is good for either kit.
Call me or email me at for details.

join pink zebra special

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Pink Zebra Top Leaders - Husband and Wife Team

Working in Direct Sales with Your Spouse

Pink Zebra Top Leader
Director - Karen Esposito with Executive Manager-Allan Esposito
at Pink Zebra Headquarters in Houston TX
Allan and I on the Pink Zebra
Trip Incentive to Punta Cana
pink zebra award
At the Paisleys in Nashville

Wouldn't you love to be in business with your spouse or significant other? Pink Zebra Home has many couples enjoying flexibility, family time and financial success together! My husband and I are a great example. I am a director for Pink Zebra and my husband is also an Executive Manager, two of the highest positions in the company. It is a great feeling to know that you have the support and backing of your significant other. Running a home based business can be very rewarding in of itself but running the business as a team working together is even better. In a predominately female based world, it is welcoming to see more and more men attracted to this industry. After all to be a customer all you need is a nose - that leaves us with a huge potential customer base!  Men love home fragrance just as much as woman do. Not only do they love our fragrances and soy sprinkles they love the potential Pink Zebra can bring them as well.

More and more men are realizing just how much money there is to be made with Pink Zebra. It is a great business opportunity and with such a low start up investment you would be crazy not to give it a try. Starter enrollment kits for Pink Zebra start at only $99. The earning potential for couples starting their own Pink Zebra home based business are also very attractive. Our directors average a take home pay off 100 K or more, nothing to sneeze at.

 "It may be PINK but the money is GREEN"

If you are thinking of joining Pink Zebra or any home based business give us a call. We would love to talk to you and tell you just how rewarding starting your own home based business can be.

Karen and Allan 877-466-8449 or email at allan

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Join Pink Zebra in January and Receive a $50 American Express Card

Join Pink Zebra
Free $50 Gift Card Pink Zebra January Exclusive

Join Pink Zebra and TheZebraDiva in January 
and receive a special SIGN ON BONUS

$50 American Express Gift Card PLUS
FREE Spring/Summer 2015 Catalogs

Be Part of An Award Winning Team!

Karen Esposito,
Director, Pink Zebra Home Fragrances