Friday, June 5, 2015

Top Ten Reason To Join My Pink Zebra Team

Top 10 Reasons to Join & Sell Pink Zebra in 2015 

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Executive Director- Karen Cavagnuolo Esposito

 1) Anyone can do it! There are no educational or professional experience required  to sell Pink Zebra. A Pink Zebra Business is perfect for anyone including students,college graduates, stay-at-home parents and those with little or no workhistory. The only qualification that you need is motivation!

 2) You'll make lots of new friends! Starting a Pink Zebra Business will require you to meet and socialize with people. You'll meet other men and women from all over the US.  I've made lifelong friends thanks to my Pink Zebra Business that I never would have met without it.

 3) A Pink Zebra Business is extremely flexible which is why it's so appealing! You can choose how often or little you work depending on your personal business goals. You can choose to market your business online orthrough parties or a combination of both. The point is you are in control!

 4) It's just plain, FUN! Pink Zebra Products are so much funto sell! Scents evoke memories and create a fun environment to work in. Besides, every time we go to's a party!

 5) There is a lot of money to be made! In 2012, the direct selling industry sold around $31 billion dollars worth of products   Your earnings will reflect the amount of time that you spend working your business. Part time work with full time pay. Have financial freedom.

 6) Unlike starting other small businesses- it doesn't takemuch to start a Pink Zebra Business! The Pink Zebra Starter Kit is only $99plus your local tax and shipping. The Pink Zebra Kit contains over $240 worth of products and business supplies. You'll earn back the cost of your kit once you sell your first $500 in products which can be just one party!

 7) Pink Zebra home products are consumable! If you are going to join any direct sales company you want a product that your customers will keeping back for. Repeat customers are a must and with Pink Zebra you will have plenty.

 8) Pink Zebra is family-friendly! Your kids can help package orders and attend events with you. Plus, they'll love picking out theirown warmers and creating their own scents with our soy sprinkles. 

9) Pink Zebra gives you FREE products,prizes and more! As an Independent Pink Zebra Consultant you can host your own Pink Zebra Parties and earn free products. Our party hosts also earn free products. You'll also have the opportunity to earn free prizes and trips! Yes, trips! You could earn free trips to places like Punta Cana, Jamaica as I have.

 10) Me as your sponsor! I started with Pink Zebra shortly after they opened their doors for business so I have much experience to share with you. I also have over 15 years of direct sales experience and am the most awarded Pink Zebra Consultant to date so you can rest assured that I'll be the best sponsor I can be for you. If you join my Pink Zebra team, I'll be here to guide, mentor and praise you! I will help you start your business and take you to the top as I have. Ready to join? go to and sign up!

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Join Pink Zebra for $39 become a Pink Zebra Consultant