Saturday, September 16, 2017

Paisley Pink Zebra Comes to Canada!

Paisley En Route to Canada

What an exciting time it was at the October 7th Pink Zebra Rally in Calgary Alberta!! It was exciting for a few reasons to me, 1st off it kicked off Pink Zebra's First International location Canada!!, and second because I was able to meet some of my new Canadian Team Members!!!

It's been a long time in the making and some of these team members have been waiting for years for us to come to Canada. I just know that Pink Zebra will be just a big a hit in Canada as it is here! After all who doesn't love sprinkles!

You can be sure that I brought lots of samples with me and even made up some special mixes to celebrate the Canadian Holiday of Thanksgiving as we launched over the holiday weekend.  My "Canadian Holiday" sprinkles mix was a hit. See the photo for the recipe. It smells amazing!!! 

Paisley came with me to explore Canada! I had only been there once for the afternoon just to the New York Border here, so visiting the West Coast of Canada was an amazing experience. We got to tour downtown Calgary, as our hotel for the rally was nearby. Loved the food, and most importantly the people! They were so friendly.
Paisley Pink Zebra in Banff

We moved up north to Banff where Paisley Pink Zebra got to explore the Canadian Rockies. It was truly an amazing experience. The mountains were beautiful and we stopped a lot along the way to experience the breathtaking views of Lake Louise, and even got to stay in Banff at the Fairmont Hot Springs Castle location.  We drove farther north to for our Glacier Adventure. It was another amazing ride, seeing lots of wildlife along the way, deer, elk, bighorn sheep and mountain goats!! 
Our glacier experience was a once in a lifetime thing. Here I am holding the Canadian Flag on top of an actual glacier. The winds where 65 mph and the temperature was below zero. Still an amazing time.  

We truly hated to leave it was such a great time. We want to go back soon!! 

My Glacier Adventure Near Jasper Alberta Canada

Pink Zebra Had 50 New Canadian Team Members at Launch!

Waving the Canadian Flag at Rally
Canadian Team at the Calgary Rally Oct 7th

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