Friday, December 7, 2018

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Join Me As My Guest at the
Pink Zebra Rally

Karen Esposito - Pink Zebra Presidential Director / Independent Consultant

Hurry! Limited Seats Available -
FREE OFFER to the first 5 people who respond!

On January 26th, 2019 Pink Zebra will be hosting a rally in Calgary! I will be attending and would love to invite you as my guest! Guests will receive a FREE GIFT of a new Pink Zebra product valued at $31.25!

Have you considered starting your own business in Canada? You won't want to miss this opportunity!

This is your chance to get in on an incredible ground floor business opportunity in Canada! Work from home, earn an incredible income AND get the opportunity to work with a #1 leader and performer at Pink Zebra Home Fragrance! I started my career with Pink Zebra and became a director in just 9 short months. Today I'm a top earner and top award winner with Pink Zebra!

Maybe you have a few questions or maybe you're ready to get started... regardless of what you're thinking right now, the next step is to contact me and get started! If you are not close to the Calgary locations, we also will be in Toronto and Winnipeg! Message me to learn more about my FREE OFFER. US rally locations are also available.

• A chance to win a FREE business enrollment kit
• Be the first to see 70+ NEW ACCESSORIES!
• Be the first to smell 20+ NEW SPRINKLES & SOAKS
(not including returning favorites)!
• Be the first to see our NEW SEASONAL BLEND BASHES!
• Crossing the Goal Line Theme - wear your favorite NFL team jersey!
• Receive awesome training that will focus on general business-building activities for success, as well as some career plan training to help you understand how to create consistent income!
• Receive a new item valued at 31.25 CAD!
• Visit, connect and learn from other consultants on our award winning team from
your area, including me !

Don't wait! Contact Me Today!

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

The Pink Zebra Career Plan - Why Join Pink Zebra? A MUST See -
Thinking of Joining Pink Zebra? 

This video is a MUST SEE - Executive Director, Karen Esposito goes into detail about the Pink Zebra career plan, its benefits, compensation, hostess benefits, as well as describes their products
and other incentives. 

This is a GREAT resource to learn more
about the Career Plan from
a Top Earner and Leader.

Information on joining Pink Zebra, and why you should Join her
Award-Winning Team 

#careerplan #compensation #benefits #topearner

Friday, August 31, 2018

How to Host a Pink Zebra Blend Bash/What Comes in a Blend Bash / How Doe...

Host a Pink Zebra Blend Bash

Get your Sprinkle on by hosting your very own Pink Zebra Blend Bash! A Blend Bash is the ultimate Sprinkles blending party! It contains all the essentials you need to have a fragrance blending party for 10 guests all packaged in a box. Shop and mingle with friends and family as you earn your way to free product! Contact your PZ Consultant to learn more.

Monday, August 13, 2018

Join Pink Zebra For As Low as $29 US or $49 CAD - Hurry Limited Offer!


Pink Zebra is having a HUGE Kit
sale starting Aug 15th at 6AM EST!!

Grab the Starter Kit for Just $29 US or $39 CAD


join pink zebra
Join Pink Zebra at

The Starter Kit includes:

(55) Fragrance Samples, (1) 3.75oz Jar Sprinkles, (1) 16oz Carton Sprinkles, (1) 3.75oz Soaks Bottle, Simmering Light, Accent Shade, JAS Woolie, JAS Naked Reeds, JAS Paisley Go-Cards (4 pack), Glimmer Candle Kit (6 pack), (2) 25 packs of Order Forms (USA & CAD), (2) 12 packs of Catalogs.

Plus if you hold your first Blend Bash party and settle it by Sept 20th you will get 30 Pink Dollars which is like retail credit to shop!

Saturday, August 4, 2018

Earn a FREE Trip to Ireland with Pink Zebra

Join Pink Zebra and Start Earning What YOU Deserve

Earn a FREE Trip to Ireland with Pink Zebra

That's right you read it right!
Pink Zebra just announced their new 
2019 Incentive Trip and we are going to Ireland. 

Wanna join us? 

You can start earning your incentive points this month in August! 
Jump on board and become a Pink Zebra consultant 
and earn a trip of a lifetime. 

Does your regular 9 to 5 job reward you with a FREE trip for a job well done? Well Pink Zebra does!!

Pink Zebra goes all out for their consultants. They treat us like royalty! 
In fact this year we will be staying in a Castle!
Adare Manor Co. Limerick in Ireland.

join pink zebra
Adare Manor Co. Limerick Ireland

 I have earned all 6 incentives. The first incentive I earned an Ipad. So if you don't like to travel, we got you covered too, you can earn a laptop, Ipad or $900 Pink Dollars which is like cash to go on a Pink Zebra shopping spree. 
The choice is yours!! What do YOU want to earn?

Join my #1 team here

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Join Pink Zebra Kit Starter Kit Sale!

Join Pink Zebra Kits on Sale!!!

Watch video for kit content info

📣 ðŸ“£The Pink Zebra Kit SALE begins today, Jun 9th at until Jun 11th! ðŸ“£ ðŸ“£Hurry! Kits are $59 ðŸ‡ºðŸ‡¸/ $79 ðŸ‡¨ðŸ‡¦ while supplies last!! Plus a BONUS, a FREE party on the go bag and table runner!! ðŸŽ‰ Head over to my website at to sign up *Sale on starter kit only. PM me for info on a deluxe kit discount. Http://

Questions? Call me toll free at 877-466-8449

Friday, June 8, 2018

Join Pink Zebra For As Low as $39

Join Pink Zebra
Join Pink Zebra at a Huge Discount! $39 US and $59 CAD- Hurry Pricing Limited to the First 300 

If you have been wanting to join Pink Zebra and become a Pink Zebra Consultant,
now is the time to join us for this incredible kit sale!

The first 300 people to go to

and sign up will get their kits for $39 US and $59 CAD!!! 
This does not include local sales taxes and shipping. 

It's an unbelievable savings!
This kit has a regular retail value of $280/$350 AND if that is not enough, we are also including a bonus!! Yes, that's right you didn't read that wrong! We are throwing in a Party on the Go bag and a Pink Zebra table runner!!! 

Hurry and get in on this sale!! First 300 to grab the kits get them at $39/$59!! 

Sale starts at 9AM EST 

If you miss out on the first 300 don't fret!! We have more kits available at $59/$79!!! This sale will run to June 11 or until we have sold 1500 kits!!! 

Get in on this deal!!! 

Wanna get the kit FREE or next to nothing?? I have ONE coupon code for $40!!!
You can apply it towards your kit!!! Say what??!!! 

Email me at to see if you can get my code, first come first served!

Still have questions?? Call me at 877-466-8449

Monday, May 14, 2018

Pink Zebra Blend Bash - A New Way to Party!

Pink Zebra Blend Bash 

Introducing a New Way 
to Party Pink Zebra Style!
Pink Zebra's New Blend Bash 
Themed Parties

Choose from the following themes:
Spa Therapy, Life's a Beach, Mai Time Out, Wow, No Calories 

No Calorie Party Option -
All the great gourmet goodies with zero calories!

pink zebra party
Relax with friends to create some calming,
tranquil scents that will take all your stress away

pink zebra party
Let the Tropics Come To You! Tropical and
fruity Pink Zebra scents to fragrance your home!

pink zebra party
Life's A Beach- Toes in the Sand and Tranquil Blue Waters at the tip of your nose.
Let Pink Zebra's scents take you away!

Book your party today! Gather your friends together to experience the newest in-home party craze! The Blend Bash. Your friends will have fun creating their own themed scent recipes. Choose scents from the provided recipe cards or create your own custom fragrance. Your home will look and smell amazing and you will have fun mixing and matching scents using our soy wax Pink Zebra Sprinkles. 

Contact me at

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Join Pink Zebra - Change Your Fragrance Change Your Life

Join Pink Zebra and Change Your Life


Pink Zebra changes lives through our business opportunity and ability to create personal fragrance and decor featuring easily blendable, premium wax
Sprinkles and body-safe liquid Soaks. 
There is no limit to the amount of personal fragrance you can make
from our exclusively designed tiny wax bead Sprinkles available in 55 fragrances. 
Sprinkles are made with our Signature Soft Soy wax, a high performing ultra clean blend of soy and paraffin wax. And our Soaks are blendable too! You can spray, squirt or soak it into the air, on your body, and on our exclusive Just Add Soaks products. Soaks are made from a clean, dye-free formula that is skin-safe and environment friendly.
Sprinkles aren’t the only product we offer that’s easy to change. To simmer your Sprinkles, our Simmering Lights make changing your decor EZ PZ. Its patented design allows you to buy a Simmering Light once, and the affordability to change out only the Warming Shade to fit your latest décor. Complete how you fragrance with stylish and interchangeable Accent Shades designed to be layered over Simmering Lights to take your seasonal or current home décor to new heights!

Let me help you get started so you can start earning
what you deserve and living the life you want!
to Join Pink Zebra
to checkout our products!


Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Join Pink Zebra For As Low A $49!

Join Pink Zebra

Join Pink Zebra - New Spring Summer Kits Available!

Sale Starts Jan 27th  to January 31st


Ready to Change Your Life?

Top Mentor Help
Supportive Team Atmosphere

Monthly Team Incentives
90 Day Quick Start Incentive
Online Training Videos
Monthly Webinars
Custom Leadership Awards and Incentives
Local Rallies and National Reunion Events
Website for 24/7 Business

You'll also receive a cutting-edge web-based workstation called "ZebraNET" that powers your business so you can: Track orders, See your team's progress, and access training tools.