Monday, May 14, 2018

Pink Zebra Blend Bash - A New Way to Party!

Pink Zebra Blend Bash 

Introducing a New Way 
to Party Pink Zebra Style!
Pink Zebra's New Blend Bash 
Themed Parties

Choose from the following themes:
Spa Therapy, Life's a Beach, Mai Time Out, Wow, No Calories 

No Calorie Party Option -
All the great gourmet goodies with zero calories!

pink zebra party
Relax with friends to create some calming,
tranquil scents that will take all your stress away

pink zebra party
Let the Tropics Come To You! Tropical and
fruity Pink Zebra scents to fragrance your home!

pink zebra party
Life's A Beach- Toes in the Sand and Tranquil Blue Waters at the tip of your nose.
Let Pink Zebra's scents take you away!

Book your party today! Gather your friends together to experience the newest in-home party craze! The Blend Bash. Your friends will have fun creating their own themed scent recipes. Choose scents from the provided recipe cards or create your own custom fragrance. Your home will look and smell amazing and you will have fun mixing and matching scents using our soy wax Pink Zebra Sprinkles. 

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