Thursday, May 17, 2012

Join Pink Zebra - Special Bonus - 877-466-8449

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Pink Zebra!

I have a fantastic new offer for anyone thinking of
joining us in the month of May-
Join now with either kit, $99 or $199 and get a 
$40 gift certificate 
to buy what ever you want with us!

To make the offer even sweeter!
Join MY team- and receive 
4 jars of sprinkles FREE
That's a $32 Value! 
This offer is exclusive from!
***mention this email to redeem- Call me to sign up!!
It takes 5 minutes to do by phone. 
If you want to sign up online make sure my name Karen  is on the application. My consultant ID number is 50250

Call me toll free at 877-466-8449 for details!

Karen, Manager Pink Zebra Home
Karen Cavagnuolo