Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Pink Zebra's Candles New May Sign on Bonus - $95 in Free Product

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Pink Zebra Has Done it Again!

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click join now at the top right of the page. Make sure you see my name and consultant ID # 50250. Once you sign up you will get $35 in FREE pink dollars in your account the following Monday. I will also send you an additional $35 in FREE products. Sell $500 in your first 30 days earn an additional $25 in Pink Dollars PLUS our regular incentive of $75 sooooooo you can add another $100 in pink dollars!!!


Crazy yes! We have the Zebra Fever! Catch it!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Pink Zebra Home Top
Selling Fragrances.
What is your favorite?
Top 15 selling fragrances in 3.75 oz Jars (Year to date):
#1 Beach Breeze,
#2 Cake Batter,
#3 I Love Watermelon,
#4 Totes Cherry!,
#5 Grape Popsicle,
#6 Coffee Buzz,
#7 Strawberry Sass,
#8 Honeysuckle Hugs,
#9 Sweet Pea & Lily,
#10 Amaretto Cream,
#11 Orange Dreamsicle,
#12 Stone Washed Denim,
#13 Tahitian Lime,
#14 Island Coconut and
#15 Fresh Raspberry
To order pink zebra sprinkles visit my website at http://www.thezebradiva.com

Try this new Sprinkles Recipe!

Diva Margarita

Spring is upon us and what better way
to celebrate than to kick back and
make yourself a Diva Margarita
Pink Zebra Style. 

Use equal parts of our Pink Zebra Fresh
Raspberry Sprinkles and our best selling Tahitian Lime to create this wonderful scent recipe.

Your house will smell wonderful and you will
feel like you our on vacation sipping a
delicious margarita.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Can Pink Zebra be a full time career for you?

Can Pink Zebra be a full time career for you? 

 One of many Pink Zebra Success Stories!

The answer is YES! The top commission for the month was earned by our Executive Director for - an amazing $18,882.02. It was 18 months ago when Sandi joined Pink Zebra. With no prior direct sales experience I remember the first time we talked and she told me that she had a 90 day plan because she knew this opportunity could be huge and amazing! The 90 plan was worked and worked very hard. It meant for 90 days there was not the consistent meals being made the laundry being done but Sandi kept telling her husband and children, that she had a plan and to believe in her.

The first commission came. It was $11, the second commission check came and it was $200. Sandi has been in the same position as you, but she worked her plan and in time the promotions and commission checks continued to grow. Sandi is a perfect example that; you don’t have to have direct sales experience to reach your goals at Pink Zebra. She used the training provided on ZebraNET, learned from other selling, leadership sources and learned from her peers. You have to create a plan and WRITE it down and last you have to be committed to Pink Zebra and your plan, until you reach your goal. What do you want to accomplish at Pink Zebra? You are all in a perfect position.

We are ground floor with only 6,500 Consultants, have unique products, a great brand and a unique compensation plan. The decision is yours. Louis L ‘Amour said, “Some say opportunity knocks only once, That is not true. Opportunity knocks all the time, but you have to be ready for it. If the chance comes, you must have the equipment to take advantage of it”. You have the opportunity today and the equipment. Make it Happen Everyone!

 Let me show you how you too can be successful in Pink Zebra! Karen, Pink Zebra Home Fragrances Director  .http://www.thezebradiva.com

Saturday, April 6, 2013

I Sell Pink Zebra Home Sprinkles. So What are they?


Pink Zebra Home’s Sprinkles – What are they?

This video will explain what sprinkles are. Sprinkles are a product of Pink Zebra Home. They are made of soft soy wax from soybeans grown in the US. They are highly fragrant and made with quality fragrance oils. They are 50% stronger than most candles on the market.
Sprinkles come in cartons or jars. Cartons are the best value. You only need 1 scoop to fragrance your home. You can freshen up an existing candle by adding a scoop of sprinkles on top to give your candle new life. You can also use sprinkles to create your own candle. This is a candle that my daughter made. She had fun making it. She used various scents and colors to create her own unique recipe. Pink Zebra’s sprinkles come in 51 scents. You can mix and match them. You can make your own candle by using our glimmer candle kits. This is our diva petite candle. It comes with the wick as you see here.
So you can use pink zebra home’s sprinkles to freshen up an old candle, to create your own soy candle or you can use them in one of our simmer lights as you see behind me. This is our simmer light. It comes with various different shades that you can choose from. This is the Pink Zebra shade. I can remove it to show you the base unit. The base comes with a clear glass holder or you can get them in pink, yellow or black. The simmer light comes with a dish that sits on top of it to hold the sprinkles in. Here you can see I have Grape Popsicle burning. To use our simmering lights you simply add a scoop of sprinkles into the dish. There is a light bulb in the unit. I turn on the light by the switch on the cord as seen here. The light bulb then hits up the sprinkles. This wickless option is great if you have children and pets as it is a safer than candles.
To purchase Pink Zebra Sprinkles, simple go to my website at http://www.thezebradiva.com .