Saturday, May 25, 2013

Earn LOTS of FREE Products with Pink Zebra Home Fragrances!

You can earn over $1,450 in your first 90 days
by achieving the Quick Start Incentive!

What a great way to start. Achieve Quick Start!

*25% base commission plus applicable personal override commission.
Your First 90 Days
Your Activity: Personal Sales of $2,500
Quick Start Sales Level 1, 2, 3
Quick Start Sponsoring Level 1, 2, 3
Total Earned (cash & products)
You Earn: $ 875 $ 350 $ 225 
$ 1,450
Success can be yours with Pink Zebra! 
Be rewarded $575 in Pink Dollars to purchase
FREE products and supplies in your first 90 days when you sell and sponsor!
Plus, earn $400 Pink Dollars when you become a
Manager and an additional $250 when you help one of
your personal sponsors become a Manager!
MY SIGN ON BONUS to YOU: $35 in FREE Products*


Pink Zebra offers you the flexibility to own your business. 
Opportunity and flexibility that in turn become rewards. 
Rewards come in many forms and with Pink Zebra you get 
to develop your business to the degree you choose. 


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The Facts:
Opportunity + Flexibility = Rewards!

Q:  How do I get started in my Quick Start Incentive?
A:  Simple.  Schedule your first parties and begin selling and sponsoring.  You only need to sell $500 in the first 30 days to earn $75 in FREE products.

Q: Can I earn all or any one level?
A: Each level stands on its own and any one or all of the six may be achieved.  For example, you achieve level 1, miss level 2 and earn level 3, and sponsor 1 qualified new team member.  You would be rewarded for level 1, level 3 and 1 sponsoring level.

Q: What sales count toward the incentive?
A: Personal sales consist of any order type.

Q: Can I reach multiple levels before the end date?
A: Yes you can.  For example, if you start and within 30 days have personal sales of $1500.  You would earn both level 1 and 2, and still have the remaining days to achieve your level 3. 

Q: Does any overage from one level count toward the next level?
A: Yes it does.  For example, if you have orders in of $750 in your first 30 days, the incremental $250 counts toward the level 2 award of $1,000.

Q: How long does my new sponsor have to qualify in order for me to earn my Sponsoring Reward?
A: Sponsoring rewards are rewarded after the new team member has achieved $500 in personal sales within their first 30 days.  This can mean that the reward can be paid out up to 119 days from start of your Quick Start program.  For example, you start on 8/1.  Your 90 days ends on 11/1.  A new team may enroll under you on the last day of the incentive (10/30), and they would still have 30 days to qualify with $500 in personal sales.

Q: Can I earn more than the three Quick Start Sales and Quick Sponsoring levels, which are posted in the incentive?
A: No. You are only eligible for three sales levels and three sponsoring levels.

Q: Do Pink Dollars expire?
A: Yes, they expire in 12 months

Join my successful team of candle consultants, and sell Pink Zebra home products. Let me help you succeed in this home party plan business. Becoming a Pink Zebra sales representative can earn you the extra income you need to pay off your debt and monthly bills. Let me show you how. Join this ground floor business opportunity.

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