Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Pink Zebra Visits Nathan Hale Elementary

The end of school marks lots of fun activities at school, parties, picnics, saying good bye to school friends, and gearing up for summer, and Pink Zebra was there to help in the celebration!

Pink Zebra Candle Bar
The Zebra Diva visited the 4th Grade of Nathan Hale Elementary School in New Haven CT during their end of the year publishing party. My daughter Jenna, who is a student at the school helped me set up my Pink Zebra candle and sprinkles bar. Students got to choose from one of over 15 different “sprinkle” scents, ranging from Island Coconut to Orange Dreamsicle. Each student was had a choice of which “glimmer” candle they wanted to make their candle with, Shabby Chic or Princess Petit.
(see blog post for how to make a glimmer candle)
Students had lots of fun mixing and matching scents to make their own recipes. The most popular scent of the day was the Island Coconut. donated over 55 candles that day, making for some very happy students! For more information on how you too can have a candle bar party, please contact Karen, thezebradiva at or shop online at for your candle making supplies.

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