Saturday, September 28, 2013

Join Pink Zebra Home - 10,000th consultant gets a additional Bonus!

Pink Zebra Home Direct Sales Growth

Woo hoo! Here we grow again!! Pink Zebra IS the hottest home fragrance company in direct sales! Be a part of a rapidly growing, successful business. Pink Zebra. This month we are on track to hit 10,000 consultants in just over 2 years. This is PHENOMENAL growth!

Pink Zebra Home Growth Chart

Just look at where we are? Join us. This month to celebrate our milestone, we are giving the 10,000 person to sign with us 100 extra Pink Dollars! Pink Dollars are like cash and can be used on anything we sell at Pink Zebra! These extra Pink Zebra Pink Dollars are on top of the already generous Quick Start program the Pink Zebra offers!

As your sponsor, I also have another program I offer to all my personally sponsored team members.
So what are you waiting for? The kits are on SALE this month too! Plus you get my bonus!! of $25 cash back. It is a no brainer!! Sign up to become a Pink Zebra consultant at:  on the top right you should see my name Karen, if you do not see my name as your referrer, enter in my Pink Zebra Consultant ID # 50250.

Looking forward to growing with YOU!!!

PZ out
Pink Zebra Home Director

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