Friday, December 6, 2013

The Perfect Gift. Your Own Pink Zebra Business

Pink Zebra For the Holidays! Buy Yourself the Perfect Gift. Your Own Pink Zebra Business

The holidays are fast approaching, and I am sure you are busy selecting just the right gifts for your family and friends.
Why not buy yourself a gift, 
For just $99 you can buy your very own business. 
You would be partnering with a GREAT company in Pink Zebra, 
and you would also be joining one of the most
successful teams in the Pink Zebra company. 

Our team was honored to win 1st and 2nd place for team promotions for 2012!

When searching for the right company and fit make sure you also take the time to research your sponsor. I am available for questions, and would love to talk to you about the Pink Zebra business opportunity. You can reach me toll free at 877-466-8449

A sponsor in a direct sales company, whether it be Scentsy, Thirty One, Avon or Mary Kay, is most important in the beginning stages of your journey with the company. Your sponsor is your mentor and will help guide you. Remember your success is their success too! 

I believe that each person has a choice of who they choose as a sponsor, and I like to thank that person for choosing me, not only will I help you succeed in the business as I have but I also like to send a welcome gift for those I personally sponsor. 

My welcome gift to you for joining my team in December is
$35 IN FREE products or $25 cash back after you purchase your kit. You can choose either Pink Zebra enrollment kit for this offer. 

Happy Holidays to you and your family!

Director, Pink Zebra Home
Consultant ID #50250

#1 Personal Sponsored Team Members 2012
#2 Team Promotions 2012

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