Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Our Pink Zebra Team Now 6000 Zebras Strong!

Pink Zebra Consultant Team
Karen Esposito's Pink Zebra Team - 6000 Team Members Strong

So excited to announce that my amazing Pink Zebra Team, hit a milestone over the weekend. Our team has grown so much during my 3+ years with the company. It has been a wonderful ride. I can remember when I first signed up to be a Pink Zebra consultant there were only 100 zebras and now the company has exploded to over 20,000 zebras nationwide. The company still has lots of ground to cover though with many areas in the US not familiar with our great home fragrance products. There is much room for growth making Pink Zebra a great business opportunity.

Pink Zebra consultants come from all walks of life. We have people who work their business part time, those that work it full time like me, and those who are hobbyists. Teachers, nurses, stay at home moms and dads all enjoy the benefits of being a Pink Zebra consultant. Our generous career plan makes it possible to stay at home and work your business and quit that day job.

If you would like more information about becoming a Pink Zebra consultant and joining my amazing, successful Pink Zebra team, call me at 877-466-8449. If you've read enough and want to join Pink Zebra now just go to www.joinpz.com and choose which pink zebra business enrollment kit you would like. Its that easy! Once you sign up I will be notified that you have joined my team. Can't find me? - use my pink zebra consultant ID 50250

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