Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Like Scentsy Products? Then You’ll Love Pink Zebra!

Pink Zebra Home Soy Sprinkles

The New Kids in Town – Pink zebra is a new, hip, direct sales home fragrance company - specializing in our soy “sprinkles.

Sprinkles are made in America of our premium Soft Soy® wax and high quality fragrance oils, which are blended together at super concentrated levels to deliver up to 50% more fragrance than average candles. They are designed to give you home fragrance variety at an affordable price, you can decide what you want, how much impact you want, and when you want it. Just simply pour it on. No mess, no worries.

Our products focus around our sprinkles, and can be used both in flameless electric warmers or glimmer candle kits, which allow you to make your own candle and scent recipes.

Pink Zebra Home Bling Shade Simmering Lights

Our wickless candles can be burned in our beautiful simmer lights, and simmer pots. We are crazy about our Simmering Lights® with Decorative, Interchangeable shades! Its more then a simmer pot for sprinkle fragrancing... its a light with a variety of shade styles that can be changed out for each room style or mood. This friendly product only requires that you purchase the base and liner one time, after which you need only buy shades to change out as often as you like. Our simmering lights let you light your home, as you fragrance your home.

Pink Zebra also sells reed diffusers and quality lotions and soaps. Check us out! Give Pink Zebra a try.

If you would like to purchase our sprinkles or simmering lights please visit my website at:  www.thezebradiva.com where you can shop online.

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