Thursday, June 6, 2013

Join us for the 2nd Annual Pink Zebra Reunion! Free registration giveaway!

Will you be there?
Pink Zebra Home 2nd Annual Convention Amelia Island Florida

Pink Zebra Second Annual Family Reunion

Can you believe we are now holding our Second Annual Family Reunion
and our 2013 theme is EZPZ.

What does EZPZ mean?  Come find out!  A little hint:  EZPZ is easy, simple, smooth, ready, within reach, with little effort, pleasant, peaceful & comfortable, free of anxiety, problem-solving, relaxed, easy flowing…and it goes on!


Will you be joining us? 

I am offering 2 lucky team members
registration to convention, that’s a $250 value!
Wanna know how to win it? Join my team and see.
Kits are on sale this month for just $74. Now is the time to check us out.

Use my referral code: #50250

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