Thursday, June 6, 2013

Pink Zebra Needs Managers. Do you have what it takes? Join Us and Sell Pink Zebra Quality Products!

Pink Zebra Home Consultant Map

This is a map of the total number of Pink Zebra Home Consultants in the US. The hearts represent manager or higher titles. There are 102 Manager and higher titles through May 31, 2013! Pink Zebra now has a total of 7,489 Consultants and growing each day. As you can see many, areas need coverage. We need consultants. Sell quality soy products and fragrance for your home. Join one of the fastest growing companies in direct sales and the candle industry - Pink Zebra Home.

Join Pink Zebra in June, and save $25, our kits are on sale starting at just $74. (see my posting on kit contents and sale)

Wanna join Pink Zebra? You can sign up to sell Pink Zebra online at

Make sure you see my name as the referrer, Karen, ID #50250

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